Education Planning

Education Planning: What is your plan?

  • What dreams for college education do you have for your children/grandchildren?
  • How often do you meet with your trusted advisor to review your education planning?
  • How much will a four-year college education cost when your children/grandchildren are ready?
  • What savings and investment programs do you currently have in place to provide for those future dollars?
  • Which rate of inflation have you factored into your savings and investment plan?
  • Has your family made funding for higher education a part of the estate planning process?

Education planning involves meeting a client's goal of providing enough assets to fully or partially fund a child or grandchild's education costs. Education planning can involve asset allocation, income tax planning, estate and generation skipping planning, asset protection planning and financial aid considerations. Postgraduate work and public school vs. private school issues should be considered. College costs in general have increased at a rate substantially higher than the consumer price index. Private college costs have had a higher annual increase than public college costs.

Tax-Advantaged College Funding Vehicles

  • Section 529 Savings Plans
  • Pre-Paid Tuition Plans
  • Education IRAs