Special Situations

Special Situations: Are you Ready?

  • How would you cope with the financial disruptions if you became widowed?
  • Which areas of your wealth care plan would be affected if you were to become divorced?
  • How well could your financial resources provide for a dependent with special needs?
  • If alzheimer's strikes you or a loved one, how will you cope?
  • What impact would a personal injury lawsuit have on your assets?

Special situations in financial planning cover a very broad category of special client circumstances. Basically any lasting situation that has a painful financial/emotional impact should be placed in this category Each of these situations has unique financial planning needs. These are some special situation:

  • Clients caring for an Alzheimer's patient
  • Clients receiving structured settlements in lawsuits
  • Divorce situations
  • Elder care

Some of the issues in elder care include:

  • Medi Gap insurance planning
  • Living Revocable Trusts and Wills
  • Long-term care planning: Assisted living search and selection; Home health care provider search and selection; Nursing home search and selection
  • Durable powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney for health care, living wills Inflation protection planning
  • Alzheimer's disease (financial and emotional issues) and other debilitating diseases and health problems